November 16, 2007

Phoenix Friday | November 16th, 2007

Welcome to the first installment of Phoenix Friday, a day entirely devoted to life downtown. I contemplated spelling Friday with a "Ph" but realized that would be a little too much...

State of Downtown

On October 30th, 2007, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon presented the 4th Annual State of Downtown Address. Here are some highlights:

- "I'm pleased to begin my remarks tonight with some very good news: the most disruptive part of light rail construction is done!!"

- A proposal to expand the DASH (Downtown Area SHuttle), creating more connectivity between ASU's Downtown Phoenix Campus and City buildings.

- A proposal to expand the Parks and Preserve Initiative (PDF link), creating more open shade spaces for the downtown area.

- An invitation for ASU's College of Law to relocate downtown in order to be closer to city, county and state courthouses - not to mention the myriad prestigious law firms that have offices within blocks from campus.

Much more was proposed and said, and the full text can be found here.

One little side story - Over the course of the evening, Gordon invited a variety of different people up to the stage. All "Downtown Rock Stars" as he called them. Two of those were Bill and Verdeen Jackson. The Jacksons were some of the first people to call Downtown Phoenix home when they purchased their condo in the Orpheum Lofts. But Mayor Phil opted not to tell the audience that Bill and Verdeen are selling that condo, and that it's been on the market for over a year. In fact, a couple of friends and I actually got to walk through it on a loft tour just a couple of weekends ago.

A little ironic humor.

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