November 19, 2007

There's Something In The Chowda'

On Sunday evening, the New England Patriots improved their record to an impressive 10-0. Ten wins, no losses. People are pointing to the coaching of Bill Belichick, the superhuman skill of Tom Brady (pictured), or their top notch defense - with or without the aid of a little extra tape... But I am here behind the keyboard to suggest something else; it's the clam chowder.

That's right, the chowda'. I'm proposing this because the unbeaten Patriots are not the only success story hailing from the land of clams, beans, and Car Talk...

- The Boston Red Sox recently completed a sweep of the Colorado Rockies to become the 2007 World Series Champions. The second time in 4 (four) years.

- This past Sunday, the New England Revolution played in the MLS Cup for the second time in as many years.

- The Boston Celtics are off to an impressive start. The 8-1 Celtics are led by Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and recent acquisition Kevin Garnett (all pictured).

- The Ivy Title was won in commanding fashion by the Harvard Crimson 37-6 this past weekend. Harvard was unbeaten in conference play.

- The Eagles of Boston College are currently ranked #14 in BCS rankings and are led by Heisman hopeful Matt Ryan. The Eagles look to clinch a Bowl Game on Saturday when they host the Hurricanes of Miami.

So there's my two cents. It's the chowder.

It's not scientific, of course. The soup isn't the only thing creating winners. If that were the case, the Revolution would have won the championship, the Celtics would have won that nail-biter this weekend, Matt Ryan would be more consistent in throwing the ball, and the Boston Bruins would be at least better than mediocre this season.

Maybe I'm just jealous. I've been a devoted Cardinal's fan through the 20 (twenty) rebuilding seasons, I wore purple until the baseball gods had mercy on Diamondbacks fans, and I watched with knees-together-hands-at-the-belt solidarity as Nash got hammered in the goods last year.

So maybe I am jealous. I want the legacy. The titles. The prowess, and the good food. Chowder brings championships. The only thing our local fare brings me is gas.

"I could talk food all day. I love good food."
Tom Brady
(In an interview with American Way Magazine)


Adam W said...
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Adam W said...

I'm happy to have semi-succesful, mid-market teams who constantly over-achieve (and yes, the Cardinals do over-achieve in the "new and increasingly painful ways to lose" category) and not have any of the following:
Friends named Sully
A vocabulary of words that would usually end in -er but now end in -ah
The Big Dig
A completely insufferable and retahded national bandwagon fan base
A dating pool of single women who you can rate on a scale of attractiveness between Mike Vrabel and Johnny Damon (Damon being the hot ones)

Brandon K. Baker said...

I have two words for your tortured sports soul...

Phoenix Mercury

Reigning Champs. But maybe that's due to a lack of a New England team.

And most WNBA teams are connected to their NBA counterparts in naming, so would a Boston area team be called the Clovers? Wow, I'm seeing it now.

Hang strong Sam and remember the good years of Arizona professional football thanks to Sherdrick Bonner and Hunkie Cooper.

Lewis Cash said...

Sam, I echo your pain. After seeing the Cards lose the 49ers, I couldn't stop thinking of last years Monday night football game against the Bears. I truly want to stop being a fan.