December 16, 2007

You Say Tomato, I Get Acid Reflux

Recently, I discovered that my body has decided to reject amazing food. I have began using a product similar to this ("All you do is chew a few!") to combat my issues with salsa and food after nine (9).

I was in the hospital for a lot of my toddler years thanks to asthma. Since then, I have had nothing more than a cold. So it's frustrating to find out that I might have Acid Reflux, or GERD. However, doing a little digging (as I sometimes do), I found this article saying that the two are often linked.

Even if they are related, when I first started to feel badly after I ate tomato-based products, I thought I had an ulcer. This last semester was the first time I have been a full-time student in five (5) years. Also in the last six (6) months, I quit a promising job with the Green Giant, searched for (and subsequently found) three (3) other jobs to fill the financial void, found a beautiful woman that tolerates my horrible jokes and outlandish dreams for the world, and dealt with renting a house from the Forties ('40s).

I used the time period of six (6) months as a base, because for the last two (2) years I have traveled to Santa Rita Abbey once in the winter, and once in the spring. The Abbey is located just outside of Sonoita, AZ, where this man was born and raised. It's a beautiful time of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. I always look forward to it, and even more this trip.

So maybe I don't have a stress-induced ulcer. Maybe just a little mis-alignment of the spirit. Either way, though, these next few days of silence and re-centering are much needed. See you on the other side.

"It takes more courage to retreat than advance."
Joseph Stalin


Nick Bastian said...

Hey man..Roger Clyne rocks.. I remember watching him at the Yucca Tap Room back in tha day!
Hope you get the AR under control. :-)

Quinn Patrick Kelly said...

I just can't get enough of that handsome devil from sonoita