January 31, 2008

The Hope-Monger

It's hard to explain the atmosphere in the Colosseum last night. "Magic" seems too cliche, so I'll go with "Safe". I'll explain what I mean in a little bit.

Almost fourteen thousand (14,000) people came to hear Senator Obama cast vision. More accurately, more than five million (5,000,000) Phoenix residents who weren't there, missed out. Seriously. Sharing hope, insight, and a slew of great ideas, Obama spoke with ease and confidence for just under an hour. Simply amazing.

I said I felt safe. And the reason why is pretty simple. Some of you might think I'm petty and shallow for thinking this way, but I believe that it is a good indicator and accurate social commentary. Frankly, I feel really good about the people who support Obama. When I am with people who support Obama, I am with like-minded people. I have never seen so many Priuses in one parking lot. The amount of intelligent bumper stickers and witty custom plates made me feel like I was among friends. And the overall attitude and excitement of the people in attendance amazed me. Such optimism, hope, friendliness.

Now, I understand that driving a hybrid vehicle doesn't automatically make a person entirely devoted to making a more livable environment. And listening to U2 (Obama walked out on stage to "City of Blinding Lights") doesn't make a person aware of how policy affects a nation's citizens. But when a speech has to stop because people are cheering at the thought of universally available health care, I feel a deep sense of solidarity. When his supporters got crazy because Obama declared that George W. Bush's name wouldn't be on the November ballot, I again felt solidarity. When noise subsided a little, the Senator proposed his plan to subsidize college education. But he wasn't done there. Obama laid out the second part of his plan for students - mandated public service. "We will invest in you," he said, "and you will invest in us!"Fourteen thousand (14,000) voices can create a lot of noise. And when they do, I feel safe.

Come January, if the Senator changes addresses, I am not worried about one side or the other of the proverbial teeter-totter to be too high up. I truly believe Obama and his supporters deeply desire reconciliation. Racially, economically, and politically.

Consider this my official endorsement of Barack Obama.

"I don't just want to end the war, I want to end the mindset that got us into war."
Barack Obama

PS - Phoenix Friday makes its triumphant return tomorrow.


David said...

Wish I could have been there, but my boss called a meeting at the same time. Glad to hear it was inspiring.

Candi said...


I know what you mean! It was great to be there!

Brandon K. Baker said...

Barack-tober. I love it. Welcome to the campaign brother. Unfortunately we in Nor Cal get John Kerry in Obama's stead. That's like sending an Ewok to comic-con in George Lucas' place.

Arizona Bill said...

Did he happen to cast a "vision" about Iraq, abortion, recession, or anything else worth while?.... didn't think so. More of his worthless "change is in air" poetry. Oh well.... Maybe it won't be so bad when the country collapses upon itself and disappears from histroy. No loss really. I think it will take a little more than "magic" or a "safe" feeling to change the world.... But that's okay I can see you have found some passionate newbie to get your blood pumping. Enjoy it while it lasts....