January 7, 2008

Now The Real Work Begins...

I start a new job today. But the kicker is I have already been doing it. Now I just get paid for it.

The College of Public Programs is embarking on a new recruiting campaign. I am one (1) of six (6) people that form the Student Ambassadors for Recruitment (StAR). Our goal is to promote enrollment in the COPP by creating interactive experiences, interactive communities, and interactive interaction.

It will end up being a little more complicated than what I'm about to describe it as, but more or less, I am getting paid to blog about life at Arizona State University's Downtown Campus. And specifically, being a student at the College of Public Programs. My "regular" installments of Phoenix Friday and Round Up From The Ground Up were trial runs for things that might be interesting to a student looking into a degree program that the COPP offers and the life and culture that surrounds our beautiful urban campus.

So thank you for reading so far. And enjoy the continuation. Thoughts, ideas, comments, suggestions, and snide remarks are always appreciated.

In the meantime, welcome to the forum where ideas promoting the inhabitation of the city that is otherwise Deserted After Dark, begin.

"Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do."
Oscar Wilde


Nick Bastian said...

Very cool.. Congrats on the new gig.. Looking forward to checking back often. Maybe we can write some cool stuff on how the light rail line will benefit students at the different campuses. :-)

John Spencer said...

Congratulations. So, what's with all the acronymns? Tell them that if they want to be real innovative, they should try using non-acronymns and feel a little less like a southern baptist church who is trying to hard.

I enjoy reading your blogs, Sam. You're a good writer.

Samuel I. Richard said...


I think you and I are standing on a goldmine of opportunity here. In the College of Public Programs is the Urban and Metropolitan Studies program, and a Master Level Certificate in Transportation Systems. I am on board with you (pun definitely intended) in the respect that students to be informed about the benefits of the light rail, and mass transit in general.

In anycase, I'm looking forward to seeing this play out.

Ron GP said...

SAM! You are my favorite blogger- don't tell the other guys and gals. I will be out in AZ the last week of january and you better believe that we are going to grab a beer and chill! Anyways...I just added you to my new and improved blogroll and site...you can check it out at rongp.blogspot.com Much peace holmes...

Catherine Genovese said...

Congratulations, now you are a star. Hooray.

Nick Bastian said...

amen, brother.. :-)