February 11, 2008

Changing The World One Poop At A Time

I am taking a lot of classes this semester. One of them is not Underwater Basket Weaving. One of them is, however, Environmental Biology. In that class we learn about how much we have screwed up the place we inhabit, and what we can do now to fix it. But it's not just about textbooks and papers. We also are participating in a semester long assignment called "Project Action". This is such an amazing idea that I had to tell you about it. Getting people excited about driving slower or composting organic kitchen waste is a daunting task. So why not force kids to change the world for college credit? Such a great idea. Read this from the description provided for us by the professor -

Choose three actions from the list on the next page. There are many things each person can do to reduce, reuse, and recycle, but these options were chosen because they are generally active decisions that you make many times a year.

The actions must be quantifiable. It must be something that you can measure the impact of in some way.

Of the thirty (30) or so options on the list, I chose all those relating to the bathroom. We have low-flow shower heads, bricks in the toilets, and we now use non-toxic cleaning supplies and non-antibacterial hand soap. Grey Water will soon be introduced, but that has to be Landlord Approved. The second part of the project is to see how much change the Project created in each of our own homes by documenting the changes quantitatively. Furthermore, we were provided with the estimated number of households in Maricopa County and the US as a whole. With these numbers, we will calculate how much our respective county-wide and national ecological footprints would be reduced if everyone enacted the same changes we did at the individual level. How cool is that?

That's all for now. But I couldn't go another day without letting you know about this. I'm excited to see the numerical results and posting my results and analysis for you all to enjoy. Look for those in the upcoming weeks. Until then, I'll be creating a better tomorrow by eating fiber today.

"You pooped in the refrigerator? And ate a whole wheel of cheese?! I'm not even mad. That's amazing!"
Ron Burgundy
(Will Ferrell in The Legend of Ron Burgundy)

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