February 25, 2008

High Maintenance Camoflouge

Found this at Wooster Collective. From the Daily Mail:

"Desiree Palmen, a 44-year-old Dutch artist, uses a method that requires a huge amount of effort and attention to detail.

She makes cotton suits and paints the camouflage on by hand, painstakingly matching it to the chosen background. Either she or a model then poses in the suit in the chosen place.

The scenes are photographed and filmed and then put on display."
Below are some pictures of her work. Also, check out her website. Just some amazing stuff. Enjoy!

"Art does not solve problems but makes us aware of their existence."
Magdalena Abakanowicz


Anonymous said...

That is some incredible work! Thanks for sharing! ~Love from Flagstaff

Lewis Cash said...

So awesome.

Kim said...

So beautiful. It's amazing how detailed this is. I like it.

jbrzuski said...

did you see Be Kind Rewind yet?! reminds me of a certain part! :)