March 26, 2008

One, With A Hundred Zeroes After It

I am an avid user of all things Google. I use it for my email, my calendar, my photo storage, and my feed reader. You cynics out there might say I have no choice. That in fact, all things are Google. They own almost everything, you say. Well, I would like to think they are a little more altruistic than that awful picture you just painted. Have some decency.

Last week, Google announced a "one-stop shop" for people who make the world a better a better place. That's right - Google for Nonprofits. With the exception of Google Grants, no programs are brand new, or specifically tailored for the people working in the nonprofit industry. However, all the programs in the bundle would greatly aid an organization with a small technology budget (all of these programs are free to the end-user), or any-sized organization with an interest in lowering technology costs.

To keep up with what Google is doing, I highly suggest the Official Google Blog. If only I went the way of my cousin Matt and learned computer programming, I could have been working for these people... Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?!

Google also has Google for Educators for all you teachers out there. I'm looking at you, Mom, Dad, and John. Also recently released, a new feature through Google Earth to watch a tree grow.

I feel like soliciting a little feedback today. How do you use Google? Daily, once a week, twice a month? Let me know via the comments section.

"As a rule, we don't preannounce new features."
Eric Schmidt
CEO of Google, Inc.


mattborn said...

Google provides my email, feed reader, calendar, and sometimes my document editing and storage. If they had a music service they would provide all my personal computing needs.

Brandon K. Baker said...

I use google probably a google times a day. Email, research, reader, and even blogging with blogger. I even use google books on the rare occasion.

Anonymous said...

I use gmail, the reader, the customized iGoogle homepage, i have google maps as an application on my cell phone, i use the google task bar to search about a thousand times a day, i use Gchat and google earth often as well. The only google program i've ever ditched was Blogger because i thought Wordpress was better (and it is.)

Samuel Isaac Richard said...

I use iGoogle, Gmail, Google Reader, Blogger (not cool enough to make the switch yet), Google Docs, Google Chat, Google Maps, and Google News (although, I go to NPR first).

Thanks for the feedback, guys. Interesting to see that Google products are so widely used...

chi2az said...

You're a fan of Google? I would have never guessed! HAHA...Unfortunately, you are making your fellow stars addicted to it. That's all I need is another addiction!