March 17, 2008

Soy Amigo De Obama

I'm working on another installment of "Round Up From The Ground Up." Worth the wait, I promise. In the meantime, enjoy this:

Oh, did you say you like Reggaeton?

Lyrics and more here. See you soon.

"My job is not to represent Washington to you, but to represent you to Washington."
Barack Obama


Anonymous said...

I LOVED these! Viva Obama!


Nicholas said...

Besides standing for "change" what does Obama really stand for ? What has he done for us as Americans while being in the Senate ? Why do you believe he should be president ? Its pretty funny people are treating him like a rockstar or like a "savior" which I have heard many people call him, which I think is pretty freaky to call anyone that! Yet they can't name anything that he has done and very few reasons that they would vote for him. Truly makes you think.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog Sam.
As for "what 'change' does Obama really stand for?....why should he be president?...savior?"
Well, he actually walked the streets of his community in Chicago and mobilized people to be educated, to act and to vote. He has been deeply committed to community development in one of our country's oldest cities for social justice and equity. Simply the fact that he is uniting people, many more people than I have ever seen in my lifetime to simply participate in the worth a lot. Across race, class, gender and socioeconomic lines, people are in solidarity in his campaign. Furthermore, he is asking his constituents to register others to vote...this is highly risky as it also enables people to vote for other candidates during the primary as well as Nov. 4th. It is known that many, many politicians prefer to avoid voter registration drives b/c it creates an unknown 'risk'.
I commend him for his energy, optimism, vision and affirmation that the voice of the American people should and can be heard.
As for him being presented as 'savior', well I agree that's a little too much. However, much of our current political action takes on a dogmatic, omnipresent and omniscient approach...which has proven to be harmful to many.
Nicholas, I am just happy to hear your voice and your thoughts and am glad that you appear to be registered and ready to vote! Have a great day.

Candi said...

Sam, I loved it! Viva Obama, los latinos!!!!