March 21, 2008

They Might Be Fake, But They Are Green...

Reportedly, this song is about large-scale consumption and mass marketing. I hate it when musicians hide the meanings of their songs under layers and layers of confusing subtext. After the band got back from seeing Jeff Buckley, Thom went into the studio and recorded the vocals in two takes, breaking down in tears after the session. Complete lyrics here.

Every once in awhile, I like to research causation. You know, the what and why behind someone's actions. What makes them tick. It was this thinking that lead me to believe that this song is possibly what brought to the band announcing that they will only play at venues easily accessible by mass transit. Pretty cool, huh?

So cool, in fact, that back in January NME Magazine named Radiohead the "World's Greenest Band." The ratings were based on bands' efforts to reduce their carbon footprints while on tour. Thom and the boys scored a two (2), far outshadowing many others, including The Police who chalked-up a seven (7). Maybe because they don't care if it is wrong or if it is right...

Anyway, just a fun little piece of information for you as we head into the weekend. Now, we just have to figure out the best way to get to Grant Park by bus...

“One of the conditions of the band carrying on touring is that we do everything we can to minimize our impact on the environment. That has included buying two lots of equipment and keeping one in Europe and one in America so we never have to fly our kit around the world again.”
Thom Yorke


Anonymous said...

Hey, Sam - just watched _Life After People_ last night. Seen it?


Niki said...

Hello Neighbor! I'm in mesa.
Hey I'm having a silent auction in a quilt I just finished if you wanna come by and see it, or if you know anyone that likes quilts :) HUGS!