May 29, 2008

85,000 New Friends

I am excited.

Tomorrow morning at precisely 6:30AM, I board a plane to San Fransisco, California. I'll be spending the weekend there hanging out with some of the brightest high school kids this country's got to offer. And by brightest, I mean those most likely to come study Nonprofit Leadership & Management with me here at ASU. Saturday is YFest, which is a huge annual event that New Global Citizens puts together to celebrate the accomplishments of their members, and they invited us as the College of Public Programs to come out and share a little bit about what we are all

On Sunday night, I board a plane headed to Washington D.C., and the 2008 Nonprofit Congress National Meeting. There I get to meet a whole bunch of important people in the Nonprofit Sector, and hopefully get smarter by osmosis.

Last fiscal year, over 85,000 new organizations applied for 501(c)(3) status, so I'm hoping the conference will be well attended. I am also hoping to talk to a few people about the responsible use of technology in the Sector - and the possibility of making this news story the status quo. And I'm also looking forward to taking a tour of the NPR studios. Anybody want a Nina Totin' Bag while I'm there?

I stole my sister's laptop and camera for the trip - so I will be "live blogging" for the conference and updating the page pretty regularly. Hopefully. Unless I spend too much time at the beach or dining with Congressmen. But enjoy the weather back here, huh?

"I have two ears and a heart, don't I?"
Jack Donaghy
(In response to the question, "Do you like Phil Collins?")


Aaron Stiner, DRB said...

The best part of the post is you quoted Jack Donaghy. Despite "playing for the other team", if you know what I mean, he is a hero of mine. So confident, so strategic, a great judge of character and on top of the world, well, until his recent demotion. But, until then, top notch fellow!

Have fun this weekend and next week. You are going to be up to your eyeballs in nonprofits! I love it!

Please tell Nina and Ms. Rehm Aaron says hello and LOL!

Elisa said...

Hey Sam,
This is Elisa over at the Nonprofit Congress. We're in the final hours of our prep for the event, but I saw your post and wanted to reach out. The staff will be attempting to blog some of the event, but if you're interested in contributing to the Nonprofit Congress blog while you're here in DC, find me at the registration desk and we can get you set up! I'll have a fun 'staff' ribbon on :)
See you soon!