May 31, 2008

Camera's Back, Made A New Friend

That's me and Cindy Sheehan. Turns out she's running for Congress.

5:30PM Today was the reason why were here, YFEST 2008. It was a little smaller than I thought it was going to be, but fun nonetheless. There were dancers, hip-hop artists, and some amazing high school speakers. Hearing about what these kids do - most no more that sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) - floors me. Even if older generations don't get their act together and start making real change a reality, although I hope they do, I have full faith that us young folk can straighten the ship out.

This is about to sound really weird, but my biggest take away from this afternoon will be a song by Jewel. Yes, that crazy Alaskan got to me today. One of the student perfomances was a young woman who sang "Hands" (video below), and she was great. I know you are probably thinking, "What did those hippies do to Sam?!" But I promise, I still have all my wits about me. It was the chorus.

My hands are small, I know
But they are not yours
They are my own
And I am never broken

The theme of this year's YFEST was the "Power of One" - no relation to the book or movie. But in the context of that line of thinking, the thought that my hands can do great change was pretty moving for me. Starting a movement is great, but highly improbable. Leading thousands of people to change their way of thinking isn't really plausible. But I can doing great things with my own hands. Even though they are pretty small.

"I can change the world /With my own two hands."


Aaron Stiner, DRB said...

I thought you were a hippie already anyway, so it's not like SF could have change you THAT much.

"Power of One", "Live United", it seems there are a lot of movements out there with a similar theme.

It's what civil society/the third sector/nonprofits do so well - they provide a space outside of government, business and the family in which people can unify around common good.

If The New Deal era was all about big gov't and the 80's, 90's and today are all about big business, will the zeitgeist of tomorrow see the continued power and influence of nonprofit organizations.

I for one hope so!

Samuel Isaac Richard said...

I echo your hopes, my friend.

Looking forward to tomorrow, when the conference dealing with those issues commences in DC!

Candi said...

Glad u understand the song :)

I remember the day when this song was "the song" I love it