May 14, 2008

Chengdu Update

So, it turns out that Chengdu - the city in China nearest the epicenter of the 7.9 magnitude earthquake this week - is a Sister City of Phoenix. Crazy.

The City of Phoenix has set up a fund for relief, and people can make donations at any Wells Fargo branch. You can also call the Sister Cities Office at 602-534-3751.

Article From Phoenix Business Journal

Wells Fargo Branch Locator

Update #1: Philanthropy 2173 just posted updated numbers on Disaster Aid. Check it out.

Update #2: New technology for mobile solar power. Could help with Disaster Relief.

Update #3: Wells Fargo waiving fees for remittance to China.

Thanks for your concern.

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African Kelli said...

Channel 12 featured this last night (not the earthquake part). Pretty neat that Phoenicians are gathering resources here to help our friends on the other side of the world.

Edward Jensen said...

Thanks for the info, Sam.

The big thing was the 7.9 earthquake, but there have been 50+ aftershocks to the main 'quake. Let's hope that aid can get to them efficiently!

Candi said...

thanks for the info!