May 16, 2008

My First Reader Prompt - Ego Warning

Those of you who know me - and probably even those who don't - are very aware that I struggle with my ego. By struggle, I mean sometimes it's hard to fit all my awesomeness in a 1250 word biography... That being said, I feel pretty honored that someone sought my idealogical position on something. Ok, so that's not really what they did. But it sounds better. And it's pretty cool, if you ask me. But then again, I might be a little biased...

Anonymous asks:
I think you must frequent the internet quite a bit with all the web links you continuously throw down, but have you ever been to They have shirts for sale (only $20) and if you purchase before June they claim that 100% of the profit will be used to feed a child for an entire school year. That's a big deal. Perhaps even worth writing about?
First off, I do frequent the Internet. In fact, you can find me any number of (8) ways. So come say hi, somehow.

1) Twitter - @samuelisaac
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8) Our Website - StAR - Student Ambassadors for Recruitment

Ok, let's move on. Before yesterday, I had never been to Africa Aid, and I'm bummed that I hadn't stopped by earlier. The site is really put together well. It's easy to navigate, easy to find out why the organization is in existence, how you can help, why you should help, and where the money goes. All important aspects from a donor's perspective - which is who the website (and any nonprofit's website) was created for.

There is a lot of information there, so I'll let you decide how much you want to learn. But know this: Right now, when you buy an Africa Aid t-shirt all of the profits go into the School Lunch Program they fund in Ghana where forty-two thousand (42,000) Liberian refugees are living. I'll be sporting mine some time next week when it comes in. So buy a t-shirt, because you will anyway. And Abercrombie & Fitch doesn't feed children with their profits...

Looks like fashion might just be able to fight poverty after all...

"Only 1/3 of U.S. foreign aid is spent on health, education, nutrition, agriculture and infrastructure, while the lion's share goes to consultants and transportation of food."
Jeffrey Sachs

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