May 8, 2008

School Is Out! (And A Cool Update)

I'm taking summer school starting in July, but I'm calling it quits for the next two months. An educational vacation that I'm very much excited about. Looking forward to getting Phoenix Copper Bikes off the ground, and spending some time horizontal and dreaming.

A few posts ago, I posed a question about volunteerism, and what happens when different groups of volunteers are at cross purposes. Well, it turns out that this might be a hot topic. Michael from NoLA Rising (the guy in the video) caught wind of our little discussion, and posted a reply. I'll repost a portion of it here, but please go check out the other comments. People put a lot of heart and soul into their responses. It'll be worth it. I promise.

Can't wait to get back into the [typers'] seat!

"Just for the record, we never broke up. We just took a fourteen year vacation."
The Eagles

From Michael:

The video was done by a local news station,, and the buffer mentioned in the story was given the opportunity to respond but refused to do an interview because it included NoLA Rising. It was not out of shyness because he has called this exact news stations for stories to his benefit many times and tightly controls the nature of the interviews when they occur. So, it certainly not that the news was biased or one-sided...amazingly, this news story finally made the story balanced.

Of the more trivial, he has said that I was not a former Marine and that I was someone who moved to New Orleans after hurricane Katrina to do what we New Orleanians are calling disaster-profiteering. To counter, I produced both my Honorable Discharge from the USMC and my birth certificate without another word of it.

Of the more scandalous, he has told members of the press that i was a loser, a degenerate and the biggest pain in the ass he's ever met. In addition, he said I associate with criminals and likened me to a member of the church of satan. And, on point to some of y'alls inquiries...I have never met this man other than when he arrived at an art festival with a police officer to have me cited for the fines in question presented in the news story.

Even then, he did not stay to meet me. He pointed me out to the police and scurried away. Early on, I called him after finding his number online to try and discuss these issues with him. He has never returned my call. In a news story to print media here in New Orleans, he HAS made the statement that he considers my artwork vertical litter that leads to "other crime".

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