May 13, 2008

Twelve Thousand & Counting

Last night on NBC, Brian Williams super-imposed a map of the "lower 48" onto a map of China (fine, the engineers on the news show did, but you get my point). The image was breath-taking - but not in the good way; the blast radius of this week's 7.9 magnitude earthquake affected an area in China equal to the distance from the tip of Maine all the way to Yuma, Arizona.

In crises like this, aid organizations are vital to the survival of local citizens. But choosing one to give to can sometimes be a difficult decision. Nancy over at Getting Attention just wrote a great piece on Mercy Corps, and how they respond best to these situations with financial donations. It is her opinion, but I share it, so I'm posting the link here.

Mercy Corps Communicates Best

Twelve Thousand people is a lot of people, and the counting isn't done yet. Please consider how you can help - even if that's keeping the Chinese people in your thoughts and prayers. To learn more about the events perspiring in China, here is a link to NPR's up-to-date coverage of the incident.

"I felt like I was walking through a cement factory."
Earthquake Survivor


African Kelli said...

Heartbreakingly sad. Thank you for sharing this Sam.
I feel like Asia needs a giant, healing hug from the world right now.

Quinn Patrick Kelly said...

Ya I agree. China has had a rough year. I love the empathy.

Lewis Cash said...

It was weird, I was on my way to the gym early in the morning and I first heard a report on this from Melissa Block, was (and still is) there when it happened. It just didn't sound like it was a that huge of an earthquake (although admittedly, I may not have been fully awake, it was 5am). Then as the story got more and more reports, I was shocked at the widespread death and destruction this earthquake caused. I am pretty sad about it...

Asia will be in my prayers.

Aaron Stiner, DRB said...

It's quite sad when things like this happen and it makes me feel kind of helpless. Thanks for posting some links which will help lead myself and others to a place to help out.