June 2, 2008

Lunch Is Over - Off To More

2:00PM - Ok, so I'm not as good behind the camera as Kelli, but I'm learning, ok? Back off.
Lunch just ended with small snipets of wisdom from Flo Green, Michael Weekes, Frank Lopez, Sheri Brady, and Rick Cohen. A fantistic group of people with a broad range of experience and wisdom to share with everyone in attendance.

This is Kim Fellner. We had a great discussion about intergenerational conversations. A couple big takeaways: 1) This "crisis" of a huge leadership shift (due to a large influx /outflux of Boomers) can be averted with responsible dialog and 2) the issue of intergenerational relations is a real issue, not something that can be neatly packaged in sterotypes and humorous quips.

Also, don't forget that materials from workshops are available at the Nonprofit Congress website. Heck, even if you aren't here in DC with us go check it out. You might learn something! :)

Ok, off to a breakout session titled, "Can Marketing Create A Movement?" My sister would be proud...



"Riots are the voice of the unheard."

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Aaron Stiner, DRB said...

Sam, I hope you, and your readers, will join YNPN Phoenix for our June 19th event, where Herb Paine, ED, Arizona Humanities Council, will be addressing the growing generation gap in the nonprofit sector and the challenges faced by young leaders in the sector. We hope to facilitate a lively discussion!

Samuel Isaac Richard said...

I will be there for sure, Aaron! And I am going to extend the invitation to the entirety of American Humanics at ASU. So, I'll see you there.

Except, we should do coffee before then...