June 2, 2008

Craigslist For Nonprofits

This is Darian, Exec. Director at the Craigslist Foundation.

Adrenaline (n) - A hormone secreted by the adrenal medulla that is released into the bloodstream; a response mostly related to being at the Nonprofit Congress.

5:45PM I am just leaving the "Craigslist ForNonprofits" breakout session. I can't express how excited I am about this opportunity for the sector (or "community" as Flo expressed earlier today. Just a little less than ten (10) years ago, craigslist.org became craigslist.com When Craig started this whole thing, it was a NPO 501(c)(3). But then they started making a little bit too much money ($81 million with 28 employees. Do the math). After some paperwork, Craigslist became a for-profit entity and the Craigslist Foundation (Helping People Help) emerged.

Hopefully launching in fall '08, the Craigslist Foundation will be launching a version of the classic Craigslist site that will be tailored to the Nonprofit Community. Full of user-generated and peer-reviewed content, Project Entry Point will be more or less a clearinghouse for all things Nonprofit-related. Everything from how to start an organization to board governance will be on the page.

And I am honored to be on the Beta Tester team. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about this. So much happened today, I'll do a little wrap-up tonight because I'm presumptuous enough to think you care enough to read it...

It's three (3) back in Phoenix, but it's almost dinnertime here in the District. Man, I'm hungry.

"Seek first to collaborate, only then to lead."
Bill Clinton


Anonymous said...

Wait, how does Craigslist make money again? Free to post, no ads...i'm confused.

Samuel Isaac Richard said...

They are free here in Phoenix, but CL charges for job postings and apartment ads in its ten (10) largest markets.