June 11, 2008

The Hump Dump | June 11th, 2008

This marks my one hundredth (100th) post. That's a lot of rambling. To celebrate, I'm going to throw myself a party. Just kidding. Why would I do that? Someone else is going to do all the work. Or I'm not really going to celebrate it. Haven't decided yet.

One thing I have decided though, is that I'm going to catch up. My friend Adam says he's about four (4) days ahead in posts. I'm about eight (8) days behind that. I haven't even finished up writing about my DC trip, I have a really cool idea brewing about Doctors Without Borders, and then there's all these current events. One way bloggers catch-up a bit is to do something called a "link dump." This is where, instead of lengthy post of stuff they came up with themselves, they will just post a conglomeration of links they have stumbled across and are collecting dust on their bookmark bookshelf. Some of you might argue that most of my posts integrate this technique with my gratuitous linking. To you, I say, "::silence::."

I have some dumping to do. And it's Wednesday, also known as (aka) "hump day", so I concocted a clever title.

The Hump Dump

Animated street art by Blu. It's about a seven (7) minute video, but worth every second. Sent to me by my cousin Matt. Pretty fun stuff.

The big-cactus-bloom-in-the-sky has already won awards. Boston area artist Janet Echelman designed the thirty-eight (38) foot tall sculpture that will be part of the new Downtown Civic Space, which is part of the Downtown Phoenix Campus of Arizona State University. Authorities are already on the lookout for David Ortiz jerseys...

The Phoenix Suns Charity gave over $1 million last year to the community, including a $100,000 grant to Valley of the Sun YMCA to continue a $4.3 million renovation of its Chris-Town facility. Oh yeah, and we have a new coach, too.

Last year, the IRS received over 85,000 applications for new nonprofit organizations. I'm a big fan of minimalizing duplication, so that wasn't a very exciting number for me. The good news, however, is that the ASU Lodestar Center is partnering with the Lodestar Foundation to offer a $250,000 Collaboration Prize. If you know of any two organization like have like-minded interests and could serve their communities better by joining forces, here is a great opportunity to fund that conversation.

The Morrison Institute will be holding another edition of Forum 411: Engaging Arizona's Leaders today. The topic is Immigration: From Global to Local to Kids, and is produced in collaboration with Community Outreach & Advocacy for Refugees (COAR). The event is today at 4PM.

I've talked about it before, but I am a big fan of the responsible use of technology in the Nonprofit Sector. Things like embracing Web 2.0, using New Media to be more effective message-bearers, and exploring Open Source programs and operating systems to cut down on administrative costs and increase efficiency. Well, check this out. Oxford Archeology has recently switched all of its servers over to Ubuntu, and transitioned into using the Open Office software package. The effect? A 20% decrease in IT costs over the last two years...

Hump Dump, Out!

"I am who I am because of who we all are."
Meaning of the Zulu word, Ubuntu

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benbethel said...

The sculpture downtown is actually going to be nearly 100 feet high... it's 38 feet above the ground before it starts and about 60 feet tall. It's going to be about as tall as the two ASU buildings to the west and the YMCA/Valley Metro building to the east, and just 50 feet shorter than the Westward Ho (sans tower).

I cannot think of a bigger sculptural piece in Phoenix proper... besides the giant American flags... so I think it'll be exciting!