June 10, 2008

Maybe This Is A Timely Idea...

I had lunch today with Staci of the Children's Angel Foundation about Phoenix Copper Bikes. I am pretty certain (and hopefully you are, too) that this idea is pretty solid. However, I want to make sure more than the idea is solid before we roll it out for real. So Hugo and I met with Staci today to go over the basic idea and proposal to see where are, where the holes are, and to see where we need to go.

During our conversation, the idea that this is a "timely" concept came up. With gas prices so high, the economy in such a bad place, etc. It had never really occurred to me. My car gets pretty good gas mileage, so I'm not hit that hard by the current jump, and I don't make enough money to be affected by the economic pressures that are making the news. Peanut butter and jelly are holding pretty steady on the market lately. Plus, I like riding a bike because it makes me feel good, and it provides an easy option for exercise. Not because it saves me some good money. But I guess more people are switching over to being pedal pushers for that exact reason. Like this guy.

"Our culture runs on coffee and gasoline, the first often tasting like the second."
Edward Abbey


Aaron Stiner, DRB said...

So I must have missed this, and I meant to ask you about it, but what is the idea??

Samuel Isaac Richard said...

Sorry, Aaron...

The idea that I'm alluding to is PCB, and the thirst this city has for a community bike organization. Hope that helps :)