June 9, 2008

Messaging On The Mind

I enjoyed every part of my trip last week to Washington, DC. But I was most excited about my time with Bill Toliver and the marketing workshop. I ran across this video today on Katya's blog and was reminded of that session.

"Baby Boomers have more to offer than nostalgic stories of milkmen and black & white television, and Millineals have more to offer than tips on texting with one finger and the best way to set up a facebook account."
Samuel I. Richard


Beth said...

Wow...I am sitting here touched. This video makes me remember just one person can change the world. I forget that some times.

Powerful stuff this video is, powerful stuff is social change.

I did check out Toliver's site - he does some great stuff. As you know probably better than I, visual e-promos can be produced by just about anyone with a camera, a computer and maybe some open source software =)

I think it is a WAY underutilized medium in a lot of main stream nonprofits.

Great quote, btw!

Aaron Stiner, DRB said...

oops - comment should have come from me, Aaron, I was logged in as my wife Beth. Sheesh, she doesn't even read MY blog, so don't think she would be commenting on yours - ha!

Anneliese Knox said...

hey sam! i enjoy keeping up with your many adventures here. have you heard of the Christian Community Development Association? You probably have with working with Neighborhood and such, but anyways-- they are having an awesome annual conference come October that I would really like to go to in Miami! There is an awesome student discount too. If you are interested, go to http://www.ccdamiami08.org/

peace, friend!

Samuel Isaac Richard said...

Hi Anneliese- I have heard of the CCDA. Neighborhood Ministries has had a long and vibrant relationship with them. I'm a little conferenced out, but I hope you keep a journal of your experience there and post it up!