June 3, 2008

Monday Wrap-Up, Tuesday Wind-Up

9:00AM The first morning speaker of today is just starting right now, but so am I. The time change and long flight caught up to me a little bit, and the wake up call I received did not, in fact, wake me up. But I have a full day ahead of me nonetheless.

The first thing we'll do today is meet as State Delegations. An extremely important piece of this gathering is what we take away from it. And while that emotional high, summer camp-type feeling is always fun, the NCNA has the clear and focused vision to provide "National Voice, State Focus, and Local Impact." So while we are meeting with friends, colleagues, and co-laborers from across the country, our charge is to take the knowledge we know have and repackage it for our respective situations back home - wherever that may be.

We are meeting this morning as the Arizona Delegation, but we had a much more informal gathering last night at B. Smith's, located in the Presidential Suite of Union Station (pictured). Fantastic food with a Southern touch. And the desert was delectable. We ordered one of each off the menu, and created our own carousel. Take a bite, pass. Take a bite, pass. If we weren't the last ones in the restaurant, we probably would have been kindly asked to leave.

I feel like there is so much more to say, but I have to get going to the next session pretty quickly here. So here is just a few things that I might to get to expand on later.

1) ASU won game one (1) of a best-of-three (3) series at the Womens' College Softball World Series last night (3-0). It could end tonight.

2) Something else might end tonight.

3) I have met a ton of great people before, during, after, in, and out of these breakout sessions. One of the most intriguing, however, would have to be Susan White. Susan is the Senior Writer and Editor of Weyo (it's missing an accent on the 'e' - pronounced WAY-yo). Meaning, "see them" in Haitian Creole, Susan and her newly formed team want to see the nonprofit community a little clearer, and a little more often in print. After enough of dreary, depressing news, Susan collected a group of people interested in bringing good news - and news of those doing good - to a much brighter light. Check out their website for a little deeper dive - very clean design.

4) If this conference was over today, I would be satisfied.

5) I might want to live here when I'm all grown up. Sorry San Fransisco, I feel like I'm cheating on you...



"So much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it."


Anonymous said...

Samuel-I am glad, but not surprised, that you are having fin in DC. Good work on your blog. A few edits for you to consider in your last post-collaborators, now instead of know, and delectable.

Love Dad

Anonymous said...


"Isn't it ironic..."
Alanis Morissette

fin should be fun.

Love Dad

Samuel Isaac Richard said...

It is a little ironic, Dad. You being an English teacher and all. But I'll let it slide...

Be home soon!

Lewis Cash said...

I love it! Your dad commenting by asking you to fix wording mistakes... classic.