June 1, 2008

The Night In Captions

The San Fransisco Street. Sorry, couldn't resist. Don't get it?

I said I love this city, right?

La Trappe is one block away from the famous Lombard Street.

Found this billboard on the way to dinner. Yo quiero street art.

Delicious Italian food. In Little Italy. Makes sense, right?

Our waitress was even Italian. I'd say that's pretty "autentico" - if I could pronounce it.

Took forty-eight (48) hours to see a police officer. Posed for a picture to prove they exist.

Live salsa band was playing when we showed up. So we stayed the rest of the night.

Today I fly out of San Fransisco, but not back home. I fly straight to Washington, D.C. on an overnight flight. I leave the City By The Bay at 9:30PM tonight, and land in the Capital City at 5:35AM tomorrow. I have this little bottle of that 5 Hour Energy stuff. I think I might try it...



"Dawn: When men of reason go to bed."

Ambrose Pierce

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Candi said...


I had a blast!! I am so glad we got to hang out! hope your leg isn't still hurting, if you even remember! lol

Your not to bad of a salsa dancer!