July 28, 2008

Water To Drink?

From Osocio, always on the lookout for effective nonprofit marketing campaigns. I think the video speaks for itself:

Go here for more information and to donate. Thanks.

"Water is the only drink for a wise man."
Henry David Thoreau


Candi said...

Sam, thanks for finding this video! Really like it, they defiantly got their word across. :)

Anonymous said...

How does one know if a organization, such as World Vision, is trustworthy? Will the donations sent to them be used for clean water as they state?

Samuel Isaac Richard said...

Anonymous - That's a great question, one that many people ask of myriad organizations. To receive the special tax status known as 501(c)(3) classification, an organization has to provide the government - and subsequently the public - with information about how its funds were received and spent.

All organizations are required to fill out and file what's called a 990, but most organizations also choose to present that information in something called an Annual Report. Guide Star (free registration required) is a great resource that compiles all of the 990s and Annual Reports of organizations that file with the IRS.

Creating an Annual Report is a great idea because it communicates how well an organization addresses an issue. Most organizations that are worth donating to provide them free of charge, and will provide 990s and other tax documents upon request.

World Vision's Annual Report can be found here.

Hope that helps!