July 16, 2008

The Hump Dump | Transporation

This week's Hump Dump is all about transportation. I got to see the first light rail car cruise (read: barely move) through Downtown Phoenix last week, had a meeting with the Joseph Perez with the City of Phoenix (read: Bicycle Coordinator), and spent some money on gas. A lot of it. So, it's up there in my thought cycle right now. Transportation, that is.


Hank Green from EcoGeek thinks that the "Miles Per Gallon" measurement is stupid. Instead, we should calculate how many "Gallons Per Mile" a vehicle gets. He makes a pretty good argument, but pretty much says my Yaris isn't helping out much...

Saudi Arabia To Hate Mercedes-Benz

Jaymi Heimbuch from EcoGeek reports that Mercedes-Benz will cut petroleum-based engines completely out of its production by 2015. Instead, it will focus on electric, fuel cell, and biofuel technology. Here locally, Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead recently opened a LEED-certified building. Now, if their prices could be a little less green...

Obama Just Got Cooler | Part I | Part II | Part III |

Ok, ok. I feel like I need to clarify. When I say, "Obama Just Got Cooler," I really think he did. Like, I thought about it after reading about his stance on the issues. Then I asked Jesus if I could worship Barack instead. I'm only joking. My friend John says that if "you are inspired by three simple words then perhaps you are too easily inspired," and I think he makes a great point. It's ridiculous to think that one man can change the fate of a nation (but maybe not so crazy to think that one man can ruin it). If Obama can inspire an entire generation to change a nation, though, I'm all for it... The three articles linked above talk about Obama's plan for increased spending on bicycle and mass transit related programs. Worth a gander.

Bike Maps For Phoenicians

I had a fantastic meeting with the Bicycle Coordinator for the City of Phoenix last week. We talked about complete streets, bike lanes, bike routes, the Diamondbacks current slump, and how we can work together to make Phoenix a more rideable city. This bike map is a good start. Available at a bike shop near you. For free. Or download it. Get one.

That'll do it for this edition of The Hump Dump. Looking forward to your thoughts...

"I am easily satisfied with the very best."
Winston Churchill


Aaron Stiner, DRB said...

Hey Sam - do you remember my friend Greg - you met him at our house. Anyway, he is always talking about this project using the CAP canals where the County/City?...not sure which...plans to pave the entire length of the embankments along the canals for bike riding/running/walking us. It would create like 90 some miles of paved path all around the valley. You could bike from lake pleasant to Mesa and all around! It's a while away, but he says it's pretty set in stone. Heard of it?

Lewis Cash said...

Great links about Obamfa. I like the pics of him riding his bike.