July 30, 2008

Let Our Congress Tweet: An Update

About two weeks ago, I posted about the debate happening in Congress over Twitter and other Social Media Outlets. I received this response from John Culberson via Twitter:
You analyzed it exactly right - I will keep party labels out & focus on success - new media must be treated like old media - no restrictions.
Just thought you all would like to know...

"Proudly voted 'aye' in Judiciary Committee this AM to hold Karl Rove in contempt for failing to respond to a subpoena."
Representative Keith Ellison (via Twitter)

Sam on Twitter - @samuelisaac

Congressmen on Twitter:

John Culberson (R, TX) - @johnculberson
Thad McCotter (R, MI) - @thadmccotter
Tim Ryan (D, OH) - @timryan
Keith Ellison (D, MN) - @keithellison

For More Information:

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Aaron Stiner, DRB said...

I am SO ashamed of myself - I don't twitter!!! (sobbing ensues) The world will laugh at me, mock me and call me a McCainite (replaces Luddite).

Ahem...alright...ahem...now that I have collected myself. Sam, did you see the article about McCain's lack of technological know-how/awareness in the NYT Opinion Section? It had a great quote from Lincoln I thought you would appreciate - it's on the sidebar of the article online.

Peace! DRB

PS - Thanks for hanging with the pups =)

Anonymous said...

Other than keeping us up to date on what they're doing with their days and how they're voting, how does Twitter help us connect with our congresspeople in any way that email or letter writing doesn't? How do we know that it's not a page checking it or that our influence still isn't trumped by some lobbyist? Does it matter in the end?

Another thought...i read a Time article the other day about how all of our groups and clubs on myspace, facebook, twitter, etc. allow us to be amazingly connected with our causes for the first time ever, but also allow us to ignore other related or opposing causes that deserve attention...it pointed out that some of the greatest "causes" in history would have been ignored or screwed up if all we had to do was follow them on twitter and ignore other views or related issues...thoughts?