July 7, 2008

Local Politics Leave A Smaller Carbon Footprint

I am fairly politically minded. Some of you are questioning my understatement. But no matter, I shall press on. Today, a tip on going green this election season.

While the national elections are exciting, and monopolize most water cooler conversations and chain emails, I find the real excitement of politics when the issues are close to home. Yes, even elections are going local.

A few weeks ago, I (along with a few friends) made it fairly clear that I will be voting Dan Saban for Maricopa County Sheriff in November, and doing what I can in the meantime to get him there. I have my button and my bumper sticker, but I figured I could more. So I did. There is now an official student organization named ASU For Dan Saban. We have a Facebook page and a blog so far, and once school starts we will be meeting in an official capacity and tabling at each of the four (4) ASU campuses. If you would like to reduce your political carbon footprint and go local, please email me at samuel [dot] richard [at] asu [dot] edu. And if you decide to go crazy for local politics, here is some information on debates for the Corporation Commissioner.

The President is the most powerful person on Earth, sure. But what our local elected officials do, say, and pursue affects us on a daily basis. I challenge you to invest a little time this election season in local politics. Spend as much time researching your local sheriff, state representative, and proposition decisions as you do for your presidential and other national choices. Go ahead, I triple dog dare you.

"Sure there are dishonest men in local government. But there are dishonest men in national government, too."
Richard M. Nixon

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Candi said...

Triple dog dare you, love it.

right behind you, my friend!