July 2, 2008

Mr. Inexperience Goes To Washington

You remember my trip to D.C., yes? Well, I recently wrote a guest post for the Nonprofit Congress blog about said trip. Below is a short portion of it, but for the whole thing I'll ask you to be a good sport and go to their blog.

Just about a month ago, I was a part of history.

Sure, it sounds cheesy. But it's true. And that's all that matters, right? A few hundred of my closest friends and I were able to help shape the future of the nonprofit sector at the 2008 Nonprofit Congress. Plenary speakers, breakout sessions, and informal conversations alike peppered our week with other's experiences, grievances, and joys pertaining to the sector.

I came away from the week filled with expectant hope. I mentioned to a few people that it had a similar feeling to the days immediately following junior high summer camp. You know, when emotions are flaring and the idea wheels are turning at full speed. And let me tell you, neither one of those things have yet to go away.

Looking forward to your thoughts, comments, and snide remarks...

"We have the best Congress that money can buy."
Will Rogers

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Anonymous said...

Well done Samuel. Guess what movie your mother, father, and Jill watched last night? Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. I kid you not. Casey will be watching it within a few days. Good timing.