July 19, 2008

Social Media In Plain English

Here's a great video from Common Craft about the great mystery that is "Social Media." I feel that there are many misconceptions surrounding the idea of Social Media, and this video does a great job communicating what it really is, and its benefits. Enjoy!

"Hooked on the Internet? Help is just a click away!"
Anon Cynic


Quinn Patrick Kelly said...

That is really interesting. I think my blog falls into the pickle ice cream category. I think the next time us bloggers get together we should share ideas on how to make our "ice cream" better. I also think this is great opporuntity for people to share what flavor of ice cream they think thier blog is indicative of.

African Kelli said...

I absolutely did not know that term until I just watched the video. Well done! And it makes a lot of sense.
I got a call last night from a friend who wants me to join Young Professional Non Profiteers -- or something like that. I see them on your sidebar. Are you a member?

Samuel Isaac Richard said...

Quinn - I totally agree with the thought that we should work at making our ice cream better next time we get together. Thanks for volunteering to organize that. :)

Kelli- I definitely think you should think about coming to the next Young Nonprofit Professionals Network event. And I promise that there will be no profiteering activities. For some more info, check out their website!