August 30, 2008

The Axe In The Attic

"’The Axe in the Attic’ is one of the most important, engrossing and compelling documentaries we’ve screened in our 6 year history. It is the best documentary of 2008."
Steve Weiss, Executive Director, No Festival Required LLC

Next Saturday, September 6, No Festival Required and Space 55 will be showing "The Axe in the Attic", a documentary on the Diaspora of New Orleans. The trailer looks stunning (caution: language not edited), and if Steve says it's good I'm taking his word for it. Tickets are $7, or a dollar less with student (read: ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus) ID. The film runs at 7PM and 9PM.

Space 55 is at 636 East Pierce Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004. The film's official website can be found here. On top of the high quality of production, I can't imagine a more appropriate time for such a film to be screened. I'll see you guys next week!

"We've certainly learned a lot from Katrina."
Michael Chertoff


African Kelli said...

I'm in!
Friday night the Weston show at the museum is free. I'm certainly headed there too.
Thanks for coming today!

Candi said...

Even going there in March its sad to say a lot of it still looks the same. :(

I am defiantly going to try to make it. I hope you don't mind that I re-post this on my blog I think it will be a great documentary for everyone to see.