August 27, 2008

A Message From Uncle Mike

I know there are plenty of critics out there, even I at times have been among those ranks, but I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised and excited about the direction that the President is taking our fair little University. Twenty Rhodes Scholars, a Research One Instutuion, one of the greenest campuses (except when Oregon comes to town), and the list goes on. The 10-3 record schpeal, though? Probably could have done without that. Maybe saying a "10 win season" would have been better. Those were a painful 3 games to be a Sun Devil...

So, here's to a better season (maybe the Bubble helped), and a perpetually better University.

"A school without football is in danger of being turned into a medieval study hall."
Frank Leahy

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andrewGoodwin said...

My favorite part,"We are opening new facilities at all of our campuses; Tempe, Polytechnic, and Downtown" about West? Does he even know that it exist, and that there are no new facilities opening there this year? I think he meant 75% of our campuses.