October 2, 2008

The DonorsChoose.org Blogger Challenge!


Had a little hiatus, but I'm back. And just in time to tell you about DonorsChoose and their Blogger Challenge! I've partnered with hundreds of other bloggers to raise funds and awareness for our public school system. DonorsChoose works to connect philanthropists (that's you) with teachers in need of a little extra funding to better impact their students' lives.

I have chosen two (2) Arizona projects. Here are their descriptions:

1) No Fear Shakespear

I want my students to understand not only the language of Shakespeare, but also the message. Reading and discussing Julius Caesar last year was one of the most rewarding experiences for both my students and myself. Unfortunately, I realized during the unit that my students were in need of more ways to understand the language. The "No Fear" translation aided not only my struggling students, but also my higher level ones.

Having 33 copies (a class set) of No Fear Julius Caesar books will allow me to push my students further in their understanding of Shakespeare's language and relational commentary.

Many students in my classes have never finished a book, let alone a Shakespeare play. Your help will ensure that every student in my classroom will not only read, but also comprehend one of the most amazing works of Shakespeare.

2) Live Theater In ASL: A Raisin In The Sun

I teach deaf and hard of hearing high school students at a residential school for the deaf. A high percentage of my students are Hispanic or Native American.

Many of my students are economically disadvantaged. Many of these students see their first live theater performance via my class. Having a copy of the book allows them to be fully prepared for this experience.

Prior to the performance not only will we read the book but we will also watch a movie of a taped performance. With a trip to a live theater performance as bait, these students are highly motivated to read a complex and difficult text.

Your help will enable students to prepare for a live theater performance by reading this marvelous classic text.

Please join me in bringing literature and art to these two Arizona classrooms. A donation of even $10 will make a huge impact. Please visit this site and take action. See you soon, promise. Feels good to be back in the saddle.



"Philanthropy is almost the only virtue which is sufficiently appreciated by mankind."

Henry David Thoreau


African Kelli said...

Yay! HE's back!!

Joe said...

Every year in high school our English classes read at least one of Shakespeare's plays. At that age level (or heck any age level) Shakespearean language can be dry and difficult to understand. However, with tools such as No Fear Shakespeare, these classic plays are brought back to life. These modern translations allow students to look past the "thee's" or "thou's" and focus on what is important like themes, motifs, and lessons. This is a great cause to donate to!

Tori Martinez said...

Um... Sam... it's Victoria Balun (now Martinez...) So I was looking at your Blog, and I just realized that you helped to fund MY classroom project! No Fear Shakespeare was MINE! :D I'm like, WHAT?!?!?!