November 12, 2008


The Arizona State University chapter of American Humanics was featured in the New York Times on Monday, in an article highlighting the growing number of nonprofit management courses and degree programs across the country. A small excerpt:

The do-good desires of [Korbi] Adams and many members of her “Gen Y” cohort have sparked a surge in nonprofit management and leadership courses at colleges and universities, building on the example of the American Humanics certification program. More than 230 colleges and universities across the United States offer courses in those areas, up from 179 a decade ago, a 2007 study at Seton Hall University found.

Last year, Arizona State created the first named undergraduate degree in nonprofit management. About 100 students are enrolled in the program, with the first graduates expected in 2011.

Read the whole thing here. Feels good to have a little national exposure every now and then.

"Without publicity, there can be no public support."
Benjamin Disraeli

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Aaron Stiner said...

I wonder what partnerships can be created between the School of Community Resources and Development, the Cronkite School and the Lodestar Center. The Cronkite School is a fantastic resource for Phoenix. And, they just received a $5.2MM grant!