November 13, 2008

Forty-Fourth Time's The Charm

Over the weekend, Kim and I purchased plane tickets to Washington D.C. to experience the festivities of the Inaugural Address, Parade, and (fingers crossed) Ball of our 44th President. To sum it up; I am pretty stoked.

And sure, January 20th will probably be a day that I remember forever, and I'll probably talk to my kids about (don't worry, Mom - no plans for those yet). But, like many coming down from the highs of textbook rhetoric and passionate anticipation, I'm expecting some real and concrete things to start happening on January 21st. Yes, I was a proud passenger on the bandwagon of Hope and Change, but I also resonate with Benny Franklin, who said "He who lives upon hope alone will die fasting."

Lucky for me (and America), it looks as though President-elect Obama has some good policy cooking in the transition oven. Yeah, I stretched that one...

In any case, the proposed policies that (obviously) interest me most concern the Nonprofit Sector. And I can say with a decent amount of certainty that real action will be taken in this area. How? Well, when I was in DC this summer with the rest of the Nonprofit Congress gang we went up to the Hill for a day to pitch an idea called the Nonprofit Capacity Building Initiative (NCBI). Basically, the NCBI would create an equivalent of the Small Business Administration for the Nonprofit Sector. There is a great need for this because over 80% of nonprofit organizations operate with a budget of less than a million dollars, greatly reducing the chances that organizations can afford costly capacity building programs.

Long story short; we lobbied as one voice for the improved infrastructure of the Sector as a whole that day, and that exact policy is in the oven that I was talking about earlier. Check this out, from Obama's website:

Barack Obama and Joe Biden will create an agency within the Corporation for National & Community Service dedicated to building the capacity and effectiveness of the nonprofit sector.

Pretty cool, huh? And that's not all the new Executive Branch has in store for us. Increased size and scope of federally funded service programs such as AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps, encouraging young people to enlist in these programs as part of a service-learning experience, and leveraging public and private investment to "incorporate higher levels of competition, innovation, and accountability" in the Sector.

So, I guess I can be fairly confident that January 21st will bring about some real change. Until then, I'll be figuring out where the heck to sleep in a city not built for 1.5 million extra people...

"Sanity may be madness but the maddest of all is to see life as it is and not as it should be."
Don Quixote


Tyler Hurst said...

Nice to see upstanding young men like yourself making a difference.

How many signatures does it take to get someone on the ballot for a city council election?

Aaron Stiner said...

I imagine partnerships between nonprofit organizations, green energy providers and green philanthropists will flourish under and Obama administration.

Aaron Stiner said...

Funny, on my last comment, my "WORD VERIFICATION" word was "epres".

Nice, ePres