November 11, 2008

Sisters In The City Of Brotherly Love

Check this out:

If we stand, as I believe we do, at a moment of profound rethinking about the American social compact, then the values of mutual concern and shared responsibility that unite us must be central to the discussion. We must use our voice — the organized expression of what we collectively call the independent sector, a voice founded on the values and aspirations that are embedded in the work we do.

This is just a little taste of Diana Aviv's remarks yesterday at the Independent Sector Conference. Make sure to stop by Rosetta's, Heather's, and Katya's blogs to read some more amazing things happening in Philly. By the way, those three ladies are part of a large contingency at the conference of Next Generation Leaders. Let's hear it for the future!

"As millions of people enter the public square for the first time or return after a long absence, heeding a loud national call for hope and unity, our organizations should be there to embrace them"
Diana Aviv

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Aaron Stiner said...

This is what we have been talking about Sammy! The rise of the global citizen sector as a force for good and THE avenue for social change!

Nonprofits can unleash the power of the global citizen!