December 12, 2008

Deserted After Dark?

The title of this post is also the title of the blog. What irony.

Speaking of irony, isn't it rad that an Ambassador for Downtown Phoenix sends people away from the heart of our city to Scottsdale and Tempe? That's right, Steffin Newman said in a recent USA Today article that those are the places he recommends to tourists looking for night life because Downtown Phoenix is a "ghost town". Just to recap, it is Steffin's job to serve as an Ambassador for local businesses operating downtown. Awesome.

Tyler already offered up some comments - and an email to Downtown Phoenix Partnership CEO, David Roderique - so I'll keep mine relatively short.

There is plenty to do downtown. Period. I named this blog Deserted After Dark with my tongue firmly in my cheek with the hope that I could help dispel a stigma two decades old - and entirely false. I'm not the only one invested in that work, either. Jacqui and Dave do a great job over at CenPho TV highlighting awesome happenings on a weekly basis. In addition, there is the Downtown Phoenix Journal, the Downtown Voices Coalition, the Copper Square website (which has a calendar of the 327 events happening downtown over the Holidays), and a whole slew of others that all do a fantastic job bringing attention to what's going on in Downtown Phoenix. If you know of any other resources, I would be happy to hear about them in the comments section.

I'll be at the Public Market tomorrow morning, which happens to be downtown. Weird.

"Everyone's looking to the urban scene for inspiration."
Robin Gibb


Leon said...

As some one who has lived and worked in Downtown Phoenix for the past 5 years I totally agree with your view!
Check out also this Phoenix blogs:

Tyler Hurst said...
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Tyler Hurst said...

Strange that I can walk to Cibo, Sidebar, Seamus McCaffrey's The Roosevelt, Lost Leaf, Carly's, Majerle's, Space 55, AMC Theater and am within easy access to a plethora of other places just north of McDowell.

The problem is that Copper Square thinks of downtown as Copper Square only, and tends to ignore anything on the outskirts.

Sure, things aren't readily apparent to everyone right now, but isn't the great thing about a city is that our bars are in converted house instead of all together with neon signs and drunk 20 year olds throwing up outside?

laurie said...

Leon's links are awesome - here's one more for the list, something I'm proud to be part of as a PHX Lover: