December 8, 2008

The Next Eighteen Months

Puzzle Master Will Shortz could have a field day with the Arizona political scene.

"Take the first syllable of the current Governor's first name and add three letters describing the frozen state of compound H2O, and you'll get the name of Arizona's next Governor."

For those of you playing at home, the answer is Secretary of State Janice Brewer. That's right, Janet is headed Washington way and per our State Constitution, the SOS plays second fiddle in the succession dance. And as with any political shift, people are going out of their minds trying to guess what is going to happen next. This is where my part of the story comes in.

"Ice" might be the frozen state of water, but it also describes the frozen state of reception that Brewer is currently enjoying from liberals and progressives in the State (not to mention the nation). And even though I count myself as a progressive, I am doing my best to warm up to our next Governor.

For instance, I am following her Transition Team on Twitter and Facebook. They even have a nifty page on the website where Jan asks for "Your Vision of Arizona." Gosh, all this interactive, Web 2.0 stuff. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? And if it's good enough for Barry, why can't Jan embrace it?

Yes, Jan Brewer is about as Republican as they come. And with a Republican majority in the State Legislature, things could get interesting. But it seems as though the Brewer Transition Team is working hard to make this transfer of power as peaceful - and productive - as possible. For that, she has my support.

"When you run for Secretary of State, you do so knowing that this day may come."
Jan Brewer


Tyler Hurst said...

Ooooo...under 10 twitter posts and following absolutely no one.

Canned speech on her web page.

BREW TUBE? Come on, that's terrible. Submit your question with an html form? Really?

Please welcome our new Gov to 2003. They look like the just discovered the internet.


Samuel Isaac Richard said...

Not exactly the optimism I was shooting for, but a little constructive criticism never hurt...

Tyler Hurst said...

But I'd be willing to HELP make things better, so that's good, right?

Samuel Isaac Richard said...

Of course! I think we all do, and opening up the conversation with Web 2.0 tools is a great first step.

However, your criticism is valid. An interactive front (10 tweets, following no one, etc.) is much less productive than actual interaction. Right now, it only looks like Brewer is interested in dynamic dialog.

This gesture has the very real potential of being nothing more than an exercise in hype. Hopefully, her and her team will take the necessary next steps and actually utilize these tools to bring more voices into the conversation.

Here's to that hope thing working again...

Anonymous said...

God help you if you're Brown...or don't own a computer.

Why does she need Web 2.0 when all she has to do for support is go to a meeting of the Minutemen?

LightRailBlogger said...

In the-soon-to-be-governor's defense, I've had a hard time signing up to follow tweets. Maybe it's operator error, but I read It's a Twitter issue.
On a separate note, I think the 'transition' team is a nice touch. Hey, aren't all the offices elected?

Samuel Isaac Richard said...


I think she's figured the Minuteman vote is on lock, can you fault her for trying to reach out a little?

@Light Rail-

I called her office (602-542-3438) to inquire about the state of the Twitter account. Hopefully, we'll get an update soon!

John Spencer said...

As an educator, I shudder to think of what Brewer will do. She was an outspoken critic of all-day kindergarten, so I'm already nervous. Then there were the campaign ads create with public money; the ones where she told people how to bring the right photo ID while touting her experience as a reformer. I have no love for the woman, but it's impossible to be worse than any of the other GOP governors.

Aaron Stiner said...

Well, the first thing I did after getting my jaw off the floor reading Sam had joined her facebook page, was go to Jan's facebook page, join in AND TELL HER MY PRIORITIES!

Anyone who doesn't and complains has no right to complain in my book =) I will be a supportive dissenter, or a dissenting supporter or something like that.

We didn't elect her, which, in my opinion, makes her even more beholden to her constituents then if we had elected her! In fact, she should honor the vote of the people and govern like she were Janet Brewer, not Janice Brewer! (get it..)

Anyway, I will give her the benefit of the doubt, but if she even makes any moves towards cutting all day K, or gutting social services, I promise you, Sam and I will be at the front of the mass horde descending on the capitol steps to demand we get what we as Arizonans deserve!

Justin Kiggins said...

When it came time to cast my ballot from abroad, I was really suprised and excited to see that AZ was one of the ONLY states that allowed overseas voters to receive AND submit their ballot online, thanks to the SoS office.

Granted, trying to figure out how to print then scan such a huge piece of paper made it worth my time and money to just use FedEx's special service for absentee ballots.

So, her Twittering might be ineffective, but I think that she does understand the role the internet can play in governing.

Samuel Isaac Richard said...


All of your reasons are exactly why I was even mildly excited to that she is trying to hold her office accountable to the public. Hopefully.


Glad your on the support wagon. Nothing wrong with a little concerned dissent, though... :)


I had heard about the overseas ballot thing, but I hadn't realized that was Brewer. Thanks for sharing that, it gives me hope that this Internet thing might be more than just a front...