December 9, 2008

Pocket Poetry Or: How I Made This Personal

I know, I know. You're shopping for gifts, eating, and keeping the lights on. But I've been growing this so-called mustache for almost a month now and I'm just itching (literally) to get rid of it. But before I do, I would love to raise some money for poor school kids...

And now, I'm making it personal. Laying down the guilt trip. Playing the sympathy card. Ok, that's enough. My mom teaches kindergarten at a Title I school here in The Valley and she just posted a project up on called Pocket Poetry. Here's a little snipet of her salespitch:

Twinkle, twinkle, little --

Jack be nimble, Jack be --

Apples, peaches, pears, and --

You know the missing word in each line, don't you? You are a literate adult, and have mastered the concepts of the language. The kindergarten children I teach don't have those language skills mastered just yet. Star, quick, and plum. Those are the missing rhymes from above. My students are learning many poems, and I would love to re-create those poems into a collection that each child could keep forever. However, I need 3-ring binders.

This is exactly the type of project that made me sign up to help out Yeah, there are flashy projects that will send a group to Washington, DC, or fund a rad science experiment linking cafeteria food to possible alien life forms. But sometimes Federal and State money fail to meet even the most basic needs in a classroom. Sometimes, a teacher's need to better serve her students is surprisingly simple. Like 3-ring notebooks.

Will you help me get this project fully funded? Don't go to Starbucks for the rest of the week. Don't fill your tank all the way. Give this gift in lieu of a boring gift card or an ugly sweater. Take a side job. It's that important. However you do it, every donor gets thanked by a grateful classroom. And that's pretty cool.

We're almost to the finish line, and would absolutely love having something to celebrate once we get there. On behalf of the kids benefiting from these projects, thank you for your support of public education.

Feel free to come hang out with us for some beer foam retention practice and general hairy revelry on Thursday night. The 'stache growers of Phoenix - including Justin and Zack - will be at The Roosevelt on Thursday night at 8PM. See you there, hopefully with a fully funded project or two!

"Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason."

Note: If you're one of the 50 or so people getting this in a reader or through email, come visit the site so you can click through to my Giving Page on the sidebar.


Aaron Stiner said...

I gave to this project because I believe change only occurs when each of us gives in small ways...even if it's only $15.

Maybe people are giving b/c of the "urinal grass" thing...just a thought? LOL! jk...

Also, 50 rssers? Impressive turkey bowl!

Samuel Isaac Richard said...

Thanks for the support, Aaron!

I fear that you are correct about the name of my stache. Next year, I'm going for "Upper Lip Caterpillar."