January 30, 2009

The Character Approved Awards

Sweet. I love it when for-profit companies out there begin think a little bit like a nonprofit. Maybe making money for making-money's sake isn't the real bottom line? Just throwing it out there. Kudos to the the USA Network for recognizing a few social innovators. Maybe I'll start watching Monk again. You can find the whole list here, but these are my favorites:

Charles Best, Founder of DonorsChoose.org (Check out that sweet 'stache!)

Shepard Fairey, Street Artist

Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia

Lupe Fiasco, Rapper

Have a great weekend! See you on the other side of a Cardinals Super Bowl victory...

"The enemy of art is indifference."
Shepard Fairey


Kevin said...

my new blog


Denny R said...

I liked it. I've read about the guy who owns Obey before and liked his style and approach. Thanks for a good post!