January 15, 2009

The Purpose Of Young People

This is how it started:

It became this:

And the new administration has taken notice. Today, Courtney blogged on behalf of New Global Citizens for the USA Service Blog - and it's pretty fantastic:

The election of President-elect Barack Obama proved to the world a few things: there is value in dreaming big, the energy of a generation can overwhelm all odds, technology is no longer optional in coalescing a movement, and it can be cool to wear your future president on a t-shirt.

There is something momentous happening here.

We are witnessing the power of a new generation and listening to their unmistakable passion. Young people in our nation represent the most technologically connected, ethnically diverse, and wealthiest cohort the world has ever seen. There is only one thing more powerful than that combination: our desire to change the world.

That desire to change the world becomes more tangible every day as we inherit a backyard that has expanded several thousand miles within an increasingly interdependent global community. Never before could a text message from inner city Chicago reach a rural village in northern Uganda in a matter of seconds.

Read the rest here. And then do something on Monday to help out. Don't know what to do? Here's a full list of stuff happening via usaservice.org. Or give some ideas in the comments section. Whatever you do, do it with purpose.

"Life without a purpose is a languid, drifting thing."
Thomas Kempis

[source: USA Service]


Aaron Stiner said...

Courtney is pretty awesome and so is NGC! As the video says, there is so much energy, passion and awareness held by these "new global citizens" and harnessing it can lead to pretty cool improvements in the quality of life for everyone on the globe.

It's inspiring =)

Hmm...kind of reminds me of YNPN Phoenix =)

Mai Crone said...

Yea! That NGC IS pretty awesome! Thanks for blogging about our blog Sam! You rock!