January 27, 2009

Strike That, Reverse It

In between flower consultations and guest list-trimming, I'm finding little time to write. I try to send out one or two cool (in my opinion, anyway) links a day via my Twitter account. But, alas, not everybody is on Twitter, so I'm forced to find other ways to waste people's time. If you are one of the plenty out there who are a little hesitant about Twitter, check out this rad article.

Ok, on to the good stuff:

The above video was inspired by the below video, which won the silver lion in the Cannes Lions Contest. Marc from Osocio said it pretty well, "So simple and yet so brilliant."

"All great things are simple."
Winston Churchill

[Source: Osocio]


Becky said...

Brilliant! I like the reference to Willy Wonka in your title. "So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute!...."

Anonymous said...

"flower consultations and guest list-trimming"? "Listen to Burgundy, he sounds like a gay!"

I'm sorry...this won't end until you're married...and maybe not even then.

(although, i may be helping you trim your guest list by being an ass...haha.)

Anonymous said...

Where do you get all of your quotes? Seriously, tell us. And, not at all intending to sound contentious, but do you know much about those you quote? Or do you just use them for their flash of brilliance and then move on?

Samuel Isaac Richard said...


I wish I could tell you that I'm a genius, but alas, I am merely mortal...

I don't know every person before I use their quote, and I do a little biographical research on those that are foreign to me. However, I have three full dictionaries of quotations and a few online resources that I check when I'm in a bind. You could say that I'm obsessive. But I prefer the term "total nerd."

As for flashes of brilliance, I definitely prefer quoting individuals with more than mere quips (i.e. Churchill), but will settle for a less-known sage when the advice is too good to pass up.

Hope that helped!