February 15, 2009

Alphabet Soup

It is well documented that I'm a fairly big nerd. But Kim loves me despite it,so I don't worry too much.

Anyway, I added to my geekyness yesterday when I snagged a poster of the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities - Core Codes (NTEE-CC) classification system. Yup.

The NTEE helps researchers, granters, and individual philanthropists by classifying and categorizing organizations into one or multiple codes describing the work an organization does. For instance, the DC Central Kitchen fits under three codes:
  • K30 - Food Service, Free Food Distribution Programs
  • J20 - Employment Procurment Assisstant
  • P85 - Homeless Services / Centers
There are twenty-six main categories (signified by different letters) and each main category has a series of sub-categories. If you want to see it in action, check out your favorite organization on GuideStar to see how they are classified. You can also search by NTEE. Pretty cool, huh? Man, I'm sure glad Kim doesn't read this everyday...

"I'm not kissing a nerd."
Betty Childs, Revenge of the Nerds

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