June 22, 2009

NCVS Blog - Monday 9AM

I'm headed towards San Francisco, one of my favorite cities to visit. Especially in the summer. I love Mark Twain's quote:

"The coldest winter I've ever had was a summer in San Francisco."

And those that live there or have been there know exactly what Mr. Clemens was talking about. Looking forward to saying goodbye to triple digits for a few days while I hang out with hundreds of people invested in the nonprofit sector.

I got me a fancy laptop now so it makes it a bit easier to do this blogging thing. Stay tuned throughout the conference - I'll be taking some notes on Michelle Obama's keynote and the plethora of workshops that I'll be attending.

Also, any suggestions on what to do about local coffee shops, taverns, and other cool spots are more than welcome...

"I've never seen so many well-dressed, well-fed, business-looking Bohemians in my life."
Oscar Wilde - in reference to the San Francisco Bohemian Club

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