July 21, 2009

The Boy Who Cried Idea

I have plenty of ideas. Tons of 'em.

I also have a propensity to share them with friends, family, and anybody who happens to be within shouting distance. And I'm torn on whether or not that's a good thing.

On one hand, there is something to be said about throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks. On the other hand, there are five fingers. Seriously, though, the flip side to this is that "idea people" have the tendency to be seen as flaky or lacking follow through.

It's not that I lack follow through, it's that I never intended to move forward on that idea. I am an external processor and need some verbal space to work out my ideas, thoughts, and crazy plans.

Anybody relate? Anybody disagree?


Aaron Stiner said...

Sam, I can relate. I am an external processor and idea person too. Nothing wrong with seeing what sticks.

I think discernment becomes important. Some people love this kind of processing, and it drives others crazy. Just know your audience.

The funny thing is, in many of my relationships, like with Beth, I am the idea person. I like to joke that 2 out of 3 of my ideas are good, and people should just know that and tell me when I am bonkers. On a bad day, 1 out of 3.

But, in my conversations with you I find myself often taking the more pragmatic role. Maybe it's because I see a lot of us in each other and want to help you be successful. I have been the "flaky" idea person, and I have learned the best way to be successful is to follow through on your ideas in a strategic thoughtful manner.

The good thing it Sam, you are much more than an idea person. You are definitely a doer and are respected for your real, tangible contributions.

Anonymous said...

I am an idea person. A big dream/vision person. An all-talk person.

I see the possibility in things, i see the potential. And then i quickly lose sight of how to execute even the first step.

I think the best possibility is pairing with an execution person. Or pairing a group of idea people with a group of execution people. Big picture and small picture.

Nate said...

Vision is useless without execution!!!

John Spencer said...

I can relate. The cool part is when I see someone take an idea and run with it and then come back for advice on the implementation. It feels really useful.

On the other hand, I try and really follow through on any me-related ideas (teaching, writing a book, etc.)

I think it's possible, and perhaps even easy, to differentiate between "wouldn't it be great if . . . " and "hey, I'm going to . . ."

Candi said...

Oh Sam,

I am so happy to of meant you. You are an amazing person, with many amazing ideas. I value your inspiration and creative way of thinking. At first I didn't understand you and your way of functioning. However, I have learned to work with it and find the best out of you.

Some people never learn that about people like you, visionaries. I however appreciate it!

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